Summertime is Peak College Essay Writing Time

teen writes in notebookThis is the time of year when rising seniors are thinking about the college application process. During the school break, students have the head space to think about life beyond high school and get started on applying to colleges — including writing essays. Many students find that part daunting. Many parents dread the process, too, not wanting to nag their teen to keep at it, even though it seems they have months to spare. That’s where I come in!

I help students to write their essays over the school break, before diving into the hectic senior year in September. I prefer to start working with rising seniors as soon as they have a fairly firm college list. Many families hire me directly to work with their student. I also sometimes subcontract to Independent Educational Consultant (IECs)  who recognize my specialist skills. I also work with public high school college counselors to offer essay writing workshops for their students and parents. My aim is to help students to write their most effective essays with the least effort, fitting into their schedules.

What’s an effective essay? It’s one that tells a story about you that is persuasive — one that makes the admissions reader think “I want this person in my next incoming class! ” That’s the goal. To reach it, you must really think about what you offer, and how you’re different from other applicants — even people who have the same GPA, test scores and activities list as you. I will take you through a process to figure out what to write about, then coach you to write it yourself. I may suggest that you reorganize your essay, tweak the story, change some verbs or other ways to make it more engaging and strengthen your case.

As a lifelong professional writer, editor and teacher, I know how to write effectively to persuade, inform or entertain. Working with young people to help them write effectively is my passion.

June 28th, 2023
College Essays