The Benefits of International Networks

One of the benefits I offer my families around the world is my understanding of the US college admissions process.  It’s a complicated journey — even for parents who attended U.S. college themselves! For families outside the U.S., it can be downright mystifying.

Most families have a number of resources at their high school: School-based college counselors are skilled in guiding your student and probably already know them well. Families who want more can hire an independent educational consultant (IEC).  They offer individual attention and a customized college search, test prep, financial aid search and much more. Families who have a college list semi-firmed up and just want help with the essays can turn to me or another college essay writing coach.

I spend hours each year staying up to date. I listen to college admissions officers on what they’re looking for, and how it may have changed this year. I coordinate with high school counselors and IECs on families we serve together.  We talk about changing requirements, the lessening importance of SAT and ACT, and ways we can make each student attractive to selective universities.  To serve families better, I have joined the International Association of College Admissions Counselors, where I’ll meet with peers from around the world at conferences and in online forums.

Another benefit I offer families is my personal experience as an expat. I know what it’s like to be new, to be a language learner, and to have some VERY basic questions You may not realize it yet, but the diversity you will bring to a college campus is often just what they are looking for in an applicant. Just ask me! I’ll help you explain what you will bring.

May 25th, 2022
College Essays