New York Times STEM Writing Contest Update

New York Times Learning Network editors tell me they are in the final round of judging their recent STEM Writing Contest. Eight young science writers and I eagerly await the results.

During February, these students, age 12-16, wrote explanatory science articles for the contest. Topics: the dangers of space junk, the psychology of luxury brand marketing, macrophages (a virus that can eat bacterial illnesses) and other fascinating ideas. They narrowed their topics to fit 500 words, identified good sources to cite, learned some writer’s moves to engage readers and shared ideas with each other. I met with them individually to refine their entries.

This contest is very competitive; last year there were more than 3,000 entries. But whether or not one of these students is selected as a finalist, I already know it was a good experience for them — because they told me.

“I had lots of fun working with you for the past few weeks. I thank you improving my English,” one young writer said. A parent wrote, “He did enjoy it and I thought the article he submitted was really good! Please let me know when you run other workshops as well.”

I offer writing workshops about twice a year. Stay tuned for future announcements.

April 27th, 2022
News, Tutoring & Contests